Public Speaking Instruction

Do you want to:
  • Engage people immediately with your voice tone?
  • Speak with executive presence?
  • Sound confident, self-assured, powerful and persuasive?
  • Project authority and credibility?
  • Articulate your words clearly and distinctly?
  • Speak with a rich resonant voice?
  • Slow your speaking rate to be easily understood?
  • Sound less nasal and squeaky?
  • Sound less child-like and more mature?
  • Speak more dynamically and less monotone?
  • Modify your accent for greater speaking clarity?
  • Deliver presentations that keep people’s attention?
Vocal Studio Kaye provides you overall direction of your presentation performance and one-on-one/ team training in:
  • Presentation delivery techniques
  • Blocking and Staging techniques
  • Performance techniques for working in front of Video Cameras
  • Answering questions with confidence and professionalism
One-on-one coaching includes:
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques,
  • Visualization, body movement and gestures,
  • Communication skills, voice projection, enunciation,
  • Animation, energy management and team dynamics, flow and timing,
  • Positive word choice, grammar, vocabulary, words that sell,
  • Creating a stage presence that gets audience attention and approval,
  • Image and public persona development, motivational support and coaching